2010 Mustang with headers, 2.5″ exhaust with a pair of Nexus offset in/opposite offset out mufflers. Part # NXS-05-2525

2001 Cadillac with cat and resonator delete and a pair Nexus Mufflers with 2.5″ offset In/2.5″ center out tucked behind the bumper (stock muffler location). Part # NXS-04-2525

Sweet sounding 2012 Ram 1500 sporting a configuration #7 muffler with 3″ offset inlet and dual 2.5″ outlets. Part # NXS-07-3025


Deep sounding Chrysler 300C with Nexus dual in/dual out muffler. Configuration 10, Part # NXS-10-2525

383 Stroker, headers, cam, etc. Has 2.5″ exhaust utilizing a pair of Nexus mufflers with offset inlet/opposite offset outlet. Part # NXS-05-2525

365 CI, headers, 2.5″ exhaust with a pair of offset in/center out mufflers. Part # NXS-04-2525


2011 Z71 – 5.3 liter Replaced stock muffler with Nexus Mufflers 3″ center in/3″ offset out
Part # NXS-02-3030

396, headers, 2.5″ exhaust running a pair of Nexus mufflers – offset in/opposite offset out. Part # NXS-05-2525

4.0 Liter 2001 Jeep Cherokee XJ – 2.5″ center in/center out Nexus Muffler with side exit.

Part # NXS-01-2525

2001 Chevy, 8.1 Liter. No cats. Pair of Nexus Mufflers with 3″ offset in/3″ same offset out exiting via 2.5″ tail pipes.

Part # NXS-06-3030