Nexus combines the characteristics of both glass pack and chambered mufflers.  Because of this,  Nexus achieves a unique sound that will never change.  Our chambered muffler is unlike any other.  By moving the chambers to the outside, with no plates or baffles to flow around,  exhaust flow is enhanced.


As an exhaust pulse enters the entry chamber,  it is guided down the center via the integrated flow guides.  As this pulse passes the sound suppression chambers,  sound waves escape into these chambers.  The suppressed sound waves are reintroduced into the exhaust stream directionally with the exhaust stream.  From there the exhaust pulse enters the finishing chamber where the sound meets the perforated baffle assemblies.  Our baffle assemblies are an industry first and is the glass pack like part of the Nexus Muffler.  Instead of using fiberglass,  ceramic fibers or stainless steel wool,  etc.,  our perforated baffle assemblies are comprised of stacked plates.  The perforated baffle assemblies function similarly to a packed muffler,  reducing high frequency sounds but without the drawback of deteriorating packing.

Because there is no packing to deteriorate,  a Nexus Muffler will sound as good years down the road as the day you install it.

Nexus Mufflers are manufactured from 16 GA. 304L stainless steel in the U.S.A.