Born in a garage.  Raised on the street.

Currently, I’m a one man operation working from my garage.   It’s a part time endeavor as I work a full time job as well.  Like a lot of people,  I like tinkering and making stuff and me being unable to leave “it” alone is what got this adventure started.  After the ideas flowed and the prototypes were done,  I needed equipment.  A band saw,  forming dies and especially a hydraulic press were going to be needed.  I modified an old Jet table table top bandsaw by adding a hydraulic damper for feed control and building a stand with a catch tray as I added a coolant pump as well.  A few weld tables on wheels came next.  Purchased a newer welder.  Built forming dies.  Other purchases.  Let me tell ya,  there are some people who can afford all the necessary equipment either by financing or other means.  Not this cat.  I was unwilling to borrow and I was not inclined to sell a kidney so I designed  and built my own hydraulic press.  It is able to complete all the forming operations in making Nexus mufflers.  I posted a video on you tube here.   It’s been a trip.  Especially 2020.  I make and sell a quality product and I believe in a good and honest days work.  All my mufflers are made from 304L stainless steel with a 90 day no BS return policy and a lifetime warranty.  Try to get that with a Chinese product.  If you want an aggressive sounding muffler that has minimal restriction, is hand crafted in the USA and has an insane warranty,  purchase your Nexus muffler(s) today. 

Nexus Mufflers have these great features:

  • Deep,  rich sound at idle and cruise.
  • Aggressive full throttle sound.
  • Low restriction.
  • Increased horsepower and torque.     

Check out our How It Works page.

Nexus mufflers are proudly made in the USA.